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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dim Sum and Then Some

I miss my college friends.  There was something about being barely 20, sassy, and nonplussed by carbs, that cemented lifelong relationships and a collection of t-shirts that only hold meaning to a select group of girls from 1998. 

Sadly, seeing each other now is rare.  If I'm honest, even phone calls are rare.  We are all engaged in our adult lives that felt so futuristic when we first met.  So ...  when a college friend comes to town, I'll do what I have to do.  (Including pay for parking in New York City).

This morning, a particularly sassy college friend, brought her new baby to town and we agreed to meet with the kids (since now we talk like Grandmas) at a Dim Sum place in Nolita for brunch!  (See, I told you, sassy).  Driving down construction riddled Rte 1-9, I prepped my boys for bok choy dumplings, bite size spicy lamb, and eggs mixed with rice.  They were unenthused to say the least.  I quoted Sam I Am.  "Try it, try it, you will see ..."  My literary pizzazz fell on Macaroni & Cheese wanting ears.  "Listen," I said, sounding a bit too much like a sitcom Mom, "if you don't want to try it, you don't have to.  Just ... be nice."   

As we parked the car, the groans from the back seat made me question this decision.  Would dim sum for brunch be "super fun?"  Or, would it be two little boys whining for "normal food" while my friend tries to navigate a jet lagged newborn?  Were we trying to have a College Friend brunch in a Mommy & Me world? 

To solidify my doubts, on the way into the restaurant I realized I forgot the wipes.  Classic.

When the tiny plates arrived, the attitude that flicked my way from the child to my left was truly something to behold.  However, after some really well spoken arguments that I'm gonna go ahead and give myself props for right here, my children TRIED IT.  And they LIKED IT.  By the time the Custard Bao (Chinese donuts that should be called BEST FOOD ON EARTH) arrived, my boys were in foodie heaven.  "Dad, did you try this one?"  "Ooo, Mom, this one is really good."  Oh!  Sam I Am would be SO proud!   

Despite the commotion of the table, it was wonderful to see my friend.  Beyond wonderful to see her as a mother.  And extraordinary to see my smiley faced children use those rubber band rigged chopsticks to eat dim sum. 

14 games of  tic-tac-toe, a half completed Winnie-the-Pooh coloring book, and countless petite plates of scrumptious foods I can't pronounce (*see yesterday's post) later, my college friend and I had barely had time to make eye contact, let alone catch up.  But I got to hold her baby while my kids ate shitake mushrooms.  What more could I ask for?  And whaddaya know?  No one even needed wipes.

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