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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Art of Snuggling

When the air's a few degrees cooler than chilly
The sky, a silk foggy gray ...
When your toes are wishing for pink fuzzy socks
And your eyelids are heavy midday ...
That's when you seek out your baby;
Your toddler, your daughter, your son. 
Warm up to a short, cushy body
And breathe 'cause the magic's begun.

You'll find in the crook of her elbow
Or under the curve of his chin
A smell of fresh cookies or lemon sorbet
Or beaches mixed up with his skin.
Right behind one of her earlobes
Or in the whiff of his hair
Is the answer to all of your worries
So relax, snuggle up in your chair.

Maybe you should grab a blanket.
Or a piece of warm coffee cake.
A book about some sort of wizard.
Or a ratty, torn stuffed, spotted snake.
Whatever your prop for the nuzzle
Make sure your dog's right nearby.
He'll want a few pats in the process
Some scratches you can't deny.

Take off all of your jewelry.
Your collarbone must be exposed.
Open your arms to a soft curly head
Then keep both your eyes tightly closed.
Hum a soft little ditty.
Something your mother sang you.
Brush his cheek with the back of your hand.
Give a bunny nose kiss or two.

This is the perfect snuggle.
The parent and child like a glove.
Do not move 'til he wriggles.
Cling to rainy day, tangible love.

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