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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fantastico Man

This year for Father's Day, our older son presented my husband with a completed  "All About Dad" questionnaire he'd prepared for him at school.

Fill in the blank:  If your Dad were a Superhero, what would he be called? 

FANTASTICO MAN                               .

Oh My God.  Fantastico Man.  Is there any higher compliment?  It's so continental.  Not just fantastic.  Fantastico.   Say it with an Italian flair and it is downright sexy.

I live with Fantastico Man.  It's like a lifetime of dreams I never knew I had have been fulfilled.

·         Carry on full conversations in his sleep.
·         Stay at the office until 2 am and still remember it's Field Day in the morning.
·         Fix broken things.
·         Eat leftovers happily.
·         Win any trivia related game.
·         Wrestle without causing real injury.
·         Read books with outstanding character voices.
·         Make horrendous, yet hilarious puns.
·         Shower a child in under 2 minutes.
·         Make a Ford Taurus X drive like a Beemer.
·         Mow the lawn with eagle eye precision.
·         Compose catchy songs with clever rhyming lyrics on the spot during breakfast.
·         Play sports he's never played before with great authority.
·         Give hugs that stop injuries from hurting.
·         Dance like there's a spotlight.

*For a more comprehensive list of Fantastico Man's powers, please refer to my son's father's day project.

I love Fantastico Man.  (Cue PEE WEE voice: "Well, why don't you marry him?") I DID.  I totally married Fantastico Man without realizing it.  In fact, it is only as we approach our 11th wedding anniversary, that his true name has been revealed.  It was worth the wait.

On other Father's Days, I've celebrated my husband.

On this Father's Day, I salute Fantastico Man. 

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