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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pancake Prediction

Amy Rutberg & Jason Loughlin as 
SYLVIA & BEAU in my new play,
 The Cottage starting previews tonight at APAC.

Parenting during Tech week is a lot like sweeping up leaves during a hurricane. 

We have no more milk in the fridge. The hamper is overflowing. I'm fairly certain I'm supposed to be somewhere doing something right now, but instead I'm here, doing this. 

This morning, over pancakes I made out of guilt for this week's absenteeism, my eight year old said, "You look tired. "

"I am tired," I said.

"You've been getting home really late," he added.

"I know," I said.

"It's worth it," he said in his wise-beyond-his-years way. "People are going to love your play. It will make people happy, and then it will be worth it. I think millions of people are going to see your play and love it."

And then I wiped the syrup off his chin. I love that child.

I hope he's right. I have loved the people I've met while working on The Cottage. It's been a true privilege.  And tonight ... we share it. 

Kevin Isola & Amy Rutberg 

The Cottage, a (mostly) non violent romantic comedy is playing Nov 7-23 at APAC (www.apacny.org) FOR $12 tix (normally $18) for Nov 7 - 9 use code RUSTINS at checkout.

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